30HR Famine

Fri, April 24, 20157:00 AM - 12:00 PM

30HR Famine is coming and we need to get our sponsorships going and gear up for our event.

 We will meet at the church, Friday, April 24, at 6pm and our fast will after breakfast at 7am. This will be an overnight event at the church and will end on Saturday, April 25 at 12:00p with lunch.  Please make sure to eat a healthy breakfast for the day of the Famine. Make sure to bring water and juice and drink plenty so that you are not getting dehydrated but do not bring soda or any caffeinated beverages during this time as it will surely upset your stomach.  Those of you that have dietary restrictions (such as diabeties or hypoglycemia) and are not able to fully do the 30HR Famine please join us anyway, we only ask that you do not eat in front of your fellow youth or share your food with them.

Things you will need to bring:  Plenty of Water and/or Juice, Bible, Sleeping bag and pillow, appropriate sleepwear, toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste), Appropriate change of clothes, Tennis shoes.

Things not to bring any electronics, gaming devices.  Cell phones are only allowed for emergencies and will be collected if misused.  NO soda or caffeinated beverages.

Bring all your sponsorship paper work and contributions and hand them into Michael or Angie   This is a great time to be able to look in to the lives of children around the world and partner with World Vision to raise funds needed to support these children.  On Saturday, we will be joining the Zirkelbach Family in their "I Run for Desmond" event to help and support the awareness of autism.