Welcome to Grace Point! As the Senior Pastor I’m often asked, “What makes Grace Point stand out ... special?” I could list lots of reasons. (After all, I’ve been here nearly 20 years).

  • We’re all about Jesus! His Word. His will. His way.
  • We’re like a family! Folks here are gracious, big-hearted, and friendly.
  • We’re alive in Christ! He loved us and died for us to deliver us. So every time someone turns to Him they come alive and begin an unbeatable journey with Jesus.

Many years ago I felt frustrated when it came to prayer. Was I praying about the right things? Was I willing to wait for His answers?

Then it struck me: The Bible makes it clear that God is in the work of transformation. He takes lives like mine and the template for His transformation in His Son. So I started to pray: Lord, make me more like You and less like me!

Guess what? He’s changing me! And many others around here too!

So, if you want to risk change and become a new you ...I invite you to browse this site. Better yet, come kick the tires and see if you don’t agree ...Grace Point is really special. I’m glad it’s become my church family!

See you soon ...

Pastor Steve