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Growth Groups (GGs) are the “next step” beyond morning worship for adult participants to learn and discuss the Scriptures and Christian life with others; helping model for participants what it means to follow Jesus. They provide a place to grow in prayer, friendships, fellowship and Bible study.


Connecting guests, single adults, and couples, into these Growth Groups will be extremely convenient due to the child-care provided by our Children’s Ministry, short term commitment, and flexible curriculum all within a consistent Sunday morning schedule.


Groups will be offered in sessions usually lasting 8 weeks and occasionally lasting 10 weeks. Adult participants would be able to choose what Group they would like to attend based upon which worship service they attend and topics being offered.

Join us for Quarter #3 of 2017

Starting on June 18 through July 23.   

Real Relationships - led by Michael & Krista W.

In Real Relationships, we dig below the surface to the depths of human interactions, offering advice and practical tools for improving the most important aspect of human life: relationships. Designed for college students, young adults, singles, and dating couples, we teach the basic of healthy relationships, including friendship, dating, sexuality, and relating to God. Real Relationships furnishes an honest guide to forming the rich relationships that are life's greatest treasure.


for Seniors: Faith that Works - led by Norm J.

The importance of being a genuine, consistent Christian is always worth studying.  James is incredibly practical because it covers such relevant topics such as contradictions, love of money, the power of the tongue, and of course- faith and works.

Beginning August 6

August 6 – September 10 @ 10:45am   

gods at War - led by Bob G.

There may be no wooden or golden idols in your home, but chances are, there are significant idols you face every day. There are gods at war within each of us. They battle for the throne of our hearts, and much is at stake. Behind every sin struggle that you and I have is a false god that is winning the war in our lives. Join Kyle Idleman in this new study, as he explores these gods by sharing true scriptures and powerful testimonies of those who have struggled with the idols of money, sex, success, food, and romance. When the Lord God takes his rightful place on the throne of our hearts, We will have victory.


Colossians - led by Glenn S.

False teachers today do not necessarily deny Jesus; rather, they slightly change Him. Often they teach extra things or add rules to the gospel. And so it was for the Colossians. Paul wrote to the Christians at Colossae to underscore the truth about Jesus Christ. Paul wrote more about Christ in this letter than in any other of his letters. He reminds Christians then and now that their past life is dead and their new live is alive only in Jesus, lived out together as the church. Join us as we explore this amazing letter together.

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