Fri, April 1, 2016




High School
Multnomah University Spring Thaw
April 1-3, 2016

Here are some repeat experiences you can expect to see when you come back to campus:
·Voodoo Donuts
·The Game Truck
·Laser Tag
·The Frosty Limo Run
·The Puppy Room (this year it’s going to transition into the Baby Animal Room --- you’ll just have to wait and see what babies make it into the room!)

Some other new things we are bringing to Spring Thaw this year will include:
·Dinner Friday Night
·Food Carts as your meal option (Saturday Dinner)
·Multiple Theology Session options and times for everyone toexperience
·A select coffee house, for those who KNOW what coffee should taste like!
·A skate park, courtesy of Skate Church and Central Bible --- bring your boards, pads, and helmets! I’ll be sending release forms for students in another email
·A Nerf War Room
·And much more…

Cost:  $70 (includes lodging, meals and transportation)  there are some events that have an extra cost so having some spending cash may be good as well.