Out of the Depths I Cry to You!!

While it’s seemingly unoriginal to use the first line of Psalm 130 as the title for this week’s written offering concerning the Psalm these words are intensely meaningful and very personal to me. As an active scuba diver with our son, we regularly ply the cold, comparatively murky, and frequently challenging waters of Puget Sound. Our son recently gave me a diver’s themed T-shirt which stated, “No One Can Hear You Scream at 130-feet!” While that may be true where my dive buddy hearing me is concerned I testify with great relief and certainty that my Lord hears me “scream” at much lesser depths. Frequently when the visibility reduces, the current unexpectedly shifts, or (rarely) a piece of crucial equipment fails, I become the fabled “Chicken of the Sea” (not the brand of tuna either) and incredibly my Lord hears me. I know that He does as His gift of an otherworldly calmness has kept me from bolting to the surface and risking a bout with decompression sickness (AKA: the bends) on more than a few occasions. And I don’t even consider whether He will hear me or not (verse 2), I know that He does because my actions during those moments are evidence of being Holy Spirit controlled and are not of being “Larry controlled.”

Why then do I not “cry out” more often to the Lord when I’m breathing air on the surface and not depending on a bottle of compressed gas to sustain my temporal life? I’m certainly aware that I totally fall short of the Lord’s standards (verse 3) and of His provision of His incredible gift of forgiveness to cure me of my terminal condition (verse
4)—but why do I not “…cry to You O Lord” more consistently? Have I become too comfortable and familiar with this earthly home? Unfortunately, when I am honest with myself this is periodically the case. Why do I not consider myself an interloper in a world which is becoming darker by the moment (reduced visibility), driven by the sinful whims of humans (as shifting currents), with an overdependence on manmade toys (failed equipment)? It must be because I have inadvertently distanced myself from my Savior just as Peter did when he denied his Savior. Cause me to once again draw close my Lord!

I do wait for the Lord and His return (verses 4 and 5) and many days just cannot believe He hasn’t come back to repair and reclaim broken mankind—me especially. Let me be more than just a watchman keeping guard over the fields or people by night (verse 6). Let me proclaim my Lord through word and action alike to those who don’t know you. Let me totally and expectantly anticipate your return my Lord and Savior with the hope of hearing the words, “Well done good and faithful servant!”

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